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How can i get my guy to last longer in bed? website

Studies have shown that frequent masturbators actually last longer in bed due to over-stimuation of the penis. So I doubt your masturbation is causing premature ejaculation.
The best way to train yourself is to practice stopping just before orgasm when you are masturbating. That way you can learn to recognise exactly when you are about to orgasm and slow down until you relax a bit.
Aim to masturbate for 20 minutes without orgasming and see if you can do it.

Okay, what i have done is to change the environment such as a resort holiday. We actually plan for a naughty trip and we brought along some sex games and costumes etc. Personally, I think to resolve the barrier between both of you is to communicate and understanding each other needs.

when he jerks it once he is done have him keep going for 2 or more minutes it desensitizes the penis and will make him last longer

Buy a tube of teething gel for babies. Rub a little bit on your pecker-head and put on a rubber.
It works the same way Delay Creme does, only it’s not embarassing if someone sees you buying it.

I can generally make it last as long as I want. So yea, you can practice techniques for making it last. Stopping just before and restarting is usually the best way. If he’s doing this then all you gotta do is keep up the pressure, if you know what I mean.
Also I was on lexapro for a while and that did cause some problems in ….getting there…so medication can effect it.

Maybe he is more on the shy side and just not very kinky. He probably is satisfied with conventional sex and doesn’t share your desire for all the new things. Did he got into it when you got the toys and pull out the naughty nurse costume, or he did not care for it?
I had a boyfriend like that, it was just how he was, but I wasn’t as upfront with him as you were, I just waited to see if he would ever want to do something different, and he never did and with time we got boring…and we ended up becoming more friends than anything else…we ended up broking up, probably just because we had different personalities in and out of Bed.
I ended up marrying another guy a few years later, we are married for 7 years now and sex today is just as great as when we were dating. First he is into pleasuring me, loves foreplay, loves to talk about different fantasies, buy toys ( Just got a Hot G-vibe) you should try ;) , we go on nice vacations, every now and than we go dancing, clubbing… he makes sure we don’t became just another boring couple…. But this is who he is, is his personality.
Anyways, I think you did a lot and showed him what you like and what turns you on. If he doesn;t respond after that might be that he is just more conservative in bed than you are. He may eventually come around, you never know.
A question: When you do have sex does he try to please you or he is just worried about his share? There are guys that are on the quiet side, and even know theya re not much into many things, still make sure you come before they do…If that’s your husband, than just give a little more time… If he just cares about him, is time to have a talk…
I’ve been married a few years, and contrary to what everybody says, sex does matter on a relationship.

Stop after one and one half minutes and take a short rest.Resume and take a small break everytime you feel your getting close. Trust me this works. You should last longer each time.Good Luck
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