Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Greetings 2010

New Year Greetings 2010
Wish you all the readers of this blog a happy & prosperous New Year. website
new year greetings

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dirty Talking for more sex pleasure

Dirty Talking for more sex pleasure website

Researches are showing that many couples enjoy sex talk as part of their flirting and love making. If you are in a relationship where you have many things in common, you each love, sex and sexuality, physically and mentally, you are compatible both in the bedroom and out, with the exception of one thing.  Sex talk is not just for during sex, try catching him off guard, and whisper something like, "Later I'd like to kiss and nibble your neck and trace my tongue along your sexy chest.".   There are plenty of very nasty things that you can say using more sensual and sexual phrasing without using words that would offend you.  You can throw in a nicely placed "c**k" or "c**t" or "t**" occasionally, men seem to like 'body parts' and the nasty words for them.  As far as men considered "It's not what you say, but how you say it." Focus your mind on how much you enjoy sex with him, how your body tingles with excitement when he touches you, and how aroused you get when you give him pleasure. You can describe all of this to him. "I like to run my hands along your thighs, would you like me to......" or "I love the feeling of your c** growing hard in my hand. You make me so wet and aroused."  Let him know what you are going to do to him, and while you are pleasing him describe all of your actions and how they are arousing you. Say something like, "Running my tongue along your thigh like this gets me really hot and makes me want to suck your c***.") Men love to hear how much they excite you and how they arouse your body.

Phone sex lines prove this is a common desire among men, and many people "dirty talk" comes easy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kegal Exercise for achieving long lasting and multiple orgasm website

The way you can make your pelvic floor muscles stronger and more toned is by doing special exercises called kegels. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder and bowel. If you do Kegel exercises regularly and keep your pelvic floor muscles toned you can chieve stronger erections and gain control over ejaculation. Kegel exercises mainly practicing to prevent or control urinary incontinence and prepare for childbirth.

The male and female sexual response cycles are strikingly similar. The primary difference between the two is male ejaculation. Multi-orgasmic women are able to have successive orgasms if stimulation is resumed shortly after the first orgasm because they do not ejaculate. Most men have always accepted orgasm and ejaculation as one in the same because they happen in such rapid succession, orgasm beginning slightly before ejaculation then tapering off during ejaculation. To navigating the path to multiple orgasm is gaining the ability to separate orgasm and ejaculation. The ability to separate these events involves the pubococcygeal muscle, or pelvic floor muscle, or "PC muscle" as it’s more commonly known. You may know this muscle for its ability to stop the flow of urine in mid-stream. If stopping the flow is difficult, you have a weak PC muscle. If this is the case you will need to work on strengthening the PC muscle before you'll be able to have multiple orgasms. If you squeeze or contract the PC muscle you should feel like everything deep in your pelvis is being drawn upward. 

How to do Kegel exercises

The easiest way to identify the pelvic muscles in men and women is to stop the flow of urine midstream. When you do this you are contracting your pelvic floor muscles. When you then restart the flow of urine you are releasing the pelvic floor muscles. It takes diligence to identify your pelvic floor muscles and learn how to contract and relax them. To make sure you know how to contract your pelvic floor muscles, try to stop the flow of urine while you're going to the bathroom. If you succeed, you've got the basic move. Or try another technique: Insert a finger inside your vagina and try to squeeze the surrounding muscles. You should be able to feel your vagina tighten and your pelvic floor move upward. Then relax your muscles and feel your pelvic floor move down to the starting position. As your muscles become stronger and you become more experienced with the exercises this movement will be more pronounced.
But don't make a habit of starting and stopping your urine stream. Doing Kegel exercises with a full bladder or while emptying your bladder can actually weaken the muscles. It can also lead to incomplete emptying of the bladder, which increases your risk of a urinary tract infection.
If you're having trouble finding the right muscles, don't be embarrassed to ask for help. Your doctor or other health care provider can give you important feedback so that you learn to isolate and exercise the correct muscles.
Once you've identified your pelvic floor muscles, empty your bladder and sit or lie down. Then Contract your pelvic floor muscles. Hold the contraction for three seconds then relax for three seconds. Repeat 10 times.  You can repeat this exercise 3 times a day in a set every time you do a routine task, such as checking e-mail or commuting to work. 
To get the maximum benefit, focus on tightening only your pelvic floor muscles or isolating your pelvic floor muscles. Be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Also, try not to hold your breath. Just relax, breathe freely and focus on tightening the muscles around your vagina and rectum.

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