Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make your partner beg for more - Divine Sexual Tips

Divine sexual life: Make your partner beg for more! God is the Architect both of human sexuality, and of sexual pleasure. The passion, pleasure and possibilities of sex are his gift to humanity. Like any proud parent, Father God is pleased and honored when his kids delight in His gift / God made sex to be fun. He is not embarrassed nor is He angered when we enjoy it. Sex as God designed it to be is truly Divine.

Master these moves and you will give a new meaning to divine sex.

Divine Sex move #1 - Pluck the string

Technically speaking, this “string” (the frenulum) is a spot where the skin is attached. Men have one on the head of the penis and women on top of the vulva. You will pleasure a woman most with the lower side of the tongue (it is much smoother) on this spot and with quick movements to the left and right. Your tongue should be curved so that it gets close to the upper lip. With upward movements use the upper side of the tongue and with downward movements use the bottom side of the tongue.

Divine sex move #2 - The alphabet

This technique is supposedly famous because of the deceased ‘indecent’ comedian Sam Kinison. When you want to change the movement of the tongue, write the letters of the alphabet with it. To make it even more interesting, increase the size of the letters or ‘write’ in italics.

Divine sex move #3 - Sucking

Most women really enjoy sucking. Ask her to suck your finger and show you what kind of sucking she likes.

Divine sex move #4 - Diamond top

Suck the top of the clitoris and stimulate it with the tip of your tongue, while you use your mouth to create suction pressure.

Divine sex move #5 - Picasso

Use your tongue to show how you move across her entire body, starting with the clitoris. If you kiss her afterwards, you can show her what she tastes like.

Divine sex move #6 - Enjoy it!

Show your partner how much you enjoy it? No move is better than pure ecstasy of the partner!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Women can masturbate with almost everything - Funway for Sexual Pleasure

Tantra.com website

Did you know? Women can masturbate with almost everything! Do you know there are differnt ways to enjoying sexual pleasure for women. Women have many more options when it comes to masturbating than men. That is why we have decided to tell you some of the most fun ways that girls can use to have some hot solo pleasure.

In bed with a teddy bear

Stuffed animals are extremely appropriate for female masturbation, especially if they are a bit bigger and if their body parts are a bit harder. This works best with teddy bears, where the arms and legs are very appropriate for some naughty rubbing against the vagina. We are sure many teenage girls play with their teddy bears in this way, also because of the snout with its kinky shape, ideal for stimulating the clitoris. One of our regular readers shared this with us: “When I was a young girl, I had a teddy bear who had a button instead of a snout. During masturbation, I put it on my clitoris and moved it very slowly until I reached a powerful orgasm. I still have the teddy bear and I always have some very naughty memories of him.”

Rubbing against a blanket and a pillow

A blanket is also very handy. The girl can roll it into a ball and put it between her legs. She has to be kneeling on all fours and moving up and down. She should rub against a naked crotch and can add a pillow to the action as well. The pillow is harder and perhaps even more suitable for direct contact with the vagina. The girl can use any combination she wants and can move as she finds most appropriate. The same applies to the positions, which can also be changed.

The edge of the couch

This is very similar to the blanket and pillow, except that the execution is a bit naughtier because the action may take place in the living room, where it is more likely for you to get caught. Every couch has a wide enough edge, so that you can hump it and rub up against it as feels best to you. You can do it over your panties, or against a naked crotch. You can do it slowly, wildly, without reservations. Do it in the way that feels best to you and turns you on the most.

The flow of water

Many girls prefer masturbating in the bathroom, sometimes when showering, when they aim the flow of water into their vagina, or above a bidet, which is perfect for this kind of thing. if you have a showerhead with multiple settings, meaning that you can regulate the power of the flow, your pleasure will be greater and you will be able to control it more. If you have a bidet, you are in paradise because you only need to squat and aim the water straight at your crotch.

Bananas, Cumcumber, Summer squash, Carrots and other substitutes

If you do not have a vibrator nearby and if fingers start to feel boring, then a banana or carrot can also be handy. They look fairly similar to a real penis. With a banana, it is a good idea to peel it, while the carrot needs to be thoroughly washed. What is done with these objects is of course obvious, so we will not discuss this at this moment. More daring and naughty girls can also use hairbrushes, fountain pens and a toothbrush besides bananas and carrots. Perhaps even a bottle or a ladle. So, women can use anything that even remotely resembles a penis and might provide some pleasurable moments. Men usually have just their hands, but the choice is much greater for women. That is why we advise they not hold back and have as many naughty pleasures as they can without any reservations and feelings of shame.
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