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Eid Mubarak to all readers. I hope that you have the most blessed holiday and year ever.

Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Fitr, Id-ul-Fitr, or Id al-Fitr (Arabic: ‎عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr), often abbreviated to Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity," while Fiṭr means "breaking (the fast)". The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal.

On this special day, the Muslims indulge in traditional activities aside from celebrating with their dear ones. Read on to know about Eid Ul Fitr celebrations in different parts of the world.

United States: Eid Ul Fitr is not declared as a federal holiday in the United States. On this day, the Muslims get up early to offer prayers at the mosque or on their outdoor space. They get new clothes for this occasion and decorate their homes with special lighting. The Muslims also offer money to the poor on the Eid Ul Fitr.

The Eid Ul Fitr is the day when the Muslims in United States take delight in preparing recipes and sharing a special meal with their friends and family. They also thank God for all the good things they’ve received in their lives.

India: The Eid Ul Ftr is considered as a national holiday in India. People gather at the Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi to offer their prayers to God. On this special day, the Muslims try out different recipes including sweet delicacies. Most of them indulge in Eid Ul Fitr celebrations by preparing a special dish – the ‘Siwaiyaan’. This recipe is actually made of toasted sweet vermicelli noodles, dried fruits, and milk. This is the day when the Muslims send Eid Ul Fitr cards to their loved ones and convey their best wishes on this festive occasion.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): The people of UAE indulge in Eid Ul Fitr celebrations with great enthusiasm. They usually wear white dresses with a long traditional ‘Thoub’ and ‘Ogal’. The ‘Ogal’ is a scarf having check patterns; it is attached with a black turban. Wearing these white dresses, the people offer prayers at the mosque. They also offer gifts to their loved ones on this special day. On the Eid Ul Fitr, festive fairs are held throughout the United Arab Emirates. The women paint their hands with henna and prepare sweets to gift to their dear ones on this day.

Turkey: The Eid Ul Fitr in Turkey is known as the Ramazan Bayrami. Since it’s a public holiday, therefore, educational institutions and government offices remain closed during the festival. As in other countries, people in Turkey dress up in special clothes for the Eid and visit the cemetery to pay respect to those who’ve passed away.

An important celebration of the Eid Ul Fitr is kissing the right hand of a senior person and placing it on one’s forehead while wishing that the person enjoys the festival with mirth and joy. The kids convey their wishes to their dear ones by visiting their relatives’ houses. In return they’re gifted with candies and sweets that they love to savor.

Canada: Eid Ul Fitr is not a national public holiday in Canada. However, the Muslims participate in Eid Ul Fitr celebrations and enjoy the festival with great enthusiasm. They wake up early in the morning and offer outdoor prayers. Just like the Muslims worldwide, the Muslims in Canada also wear the finest clothes and decorate their homes with special lighting. People gather together in Ottawa to celebrate the festive occasion.

Ideas to Celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr

You may celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr by shopping around for new clothes. Go for a gift exchange with your family members and friends. An interesting idea is to engrave your dear ones’ names on each ‘Kufi’ (round cap) and let them choose a cap to find out to whom that person should offer a gift.

An important part of Eid Ul Fitr celebrations is to express warm wishes to your neighbors and invite them for a meal. An interesting idea is to celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr with poor children. The Muslims are actually advised to offer 3 kilograms of one’s daily ration or its equivalent cash to the poor on this occasion.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr, check out how the festival is celebrated across various countries. You’ll come to know how best you can enjoy the day. website

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Clitoris vs G-Spot website

Clitoris vs G-Spot

A lot of my blog readers asked me to differentiate G-spot orgasm from clitoral orgasm. The only function of the clitoris is for sexual pleasure. There are around 6000-8000 nerve endings, twice the amount found in the entire penis. That’s why the feeling is more intense for women during masturbation or sex. Unlike the G-spot, the clitoris is located outside the vagina. It is a button-like portion at the top of the vaginal slit, where the inner lips (labia minora) meet. It is the female equivalent of the head of the penis. It’s extremely sensitive to touch, too sensitive for direct stimulation. Just like the G-spot, you need to turn-on a woman first before you stimulate her clitoris. When a woman is aroused, her clitoris swells and becomes erect making it easier for you to locate. Do not touch her clitoris until it’s properly lubricated. Wait for her to get wet or you can use water-based EZ warming jelly. A lot of women may find direct pressure uncomfortable. Apply a few drops of jelly on your fingers. Slightly touch the area around the clitoris – below or just above it. Rub her clit with light, small circular movements. Then you can rub it up and down with very light pressure. Start slow and increase speed but decrease the pressure to tease. As she starts to enjoy it, do it faster and harder. You can also take her hand and let her guide your own fingers the way she masturbates.

So what’s the difference between Clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm? Clitoral orgasm is the most common way a woman orgasms. A woman can tell when she’s about to climax/orgasm. She experiences waves of pleasure, increased breathing, heart rate, rhythmic contraction of the lower pubic muscles and the vagina. Everything takes about 10 seconds. The clitoris becomes extremely sensitive after climax. Orgasm from G-spot stimulation is bigger. It’s a whole-body kind of experience. It’s hard to identify the beginning and end of a G-spot orgasm because it is a long, slow orgasm. The sensation fills her up until she can’t believe she could possibly feel more, then she does, and it fills up her entire body again. That’s why when you stimulate a woman’s G-spot, you will leave her wanting for more.
Check out this video for some actual demonstration:

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