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Weight Loss Regim with Regular Sex

Are you know that sex burns 150 to 250 calories per half hour. Sex is the kind of exercise that most people don't find boring. Since it's free and so much fun and making love is the ultimate exercise machine. "sex is good exercise," says Laura Berman, PhD, LCSW, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago, and director of the Berman Center. A healthy sex life decreases stress and some people turn to food when they under stress.

Sex gets your heart rate up even if you are not having extremely acrobatic sex. Sex is a form of exercise especially if you incorporate different positions. If you move around a little bit and flex your muscles, it can be a very good exercise.  Timing is everything. To burn calories, and ultimately lose weight, you need to stretch play out into more than a quickie. Adding more for play to the act increases the calorie burn even more.

Recent research shows that exercise in short bursts over the course of the day can be as effective as 30 to 40 minutes in a row. You could use sex as 15 to 20 minutes of your exercise routine and then do something else at a different point of the day. Getting to the point where you are highly aroused and reaching orgasm can be good cardiovascular activity.

Losing weight with sex isn't something that happens overnight. Preferably, you have a constant, long-term sex partner that knows your goals with sex-driven weight loss, and is happy to help you keep to your regimen until your desired results are achieved. Try a new sex position every night for a week and burn 970 calories. If you stick to this plan for a month you will burn 4780 calories in a month – the equivalent to a large meal and a bottle of wine. So, what are you waiting for? Burn fat by 30 minutes of passion every night.

An aerobic workout, helps you to sleep, releases happy hormones and stimulates the immune system. Self play can burn between 100-150 calories in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of kissing burns 90 calories and it has a great toning effect on the face and neck muscles. Mouth play can burn off the equivalent of a small glass of wine and male fluid contains high levels of vitamin C and protein, which helps to curb hunger.

More than just sex "Elvis Pelvis" exercise help readers and their partners think sexy. To do this, stand naked facing your partner and press your pelvises together for balance. Raise your arms to the ceiling and lean back while maintaining pelvic contact. Hold for three seconds, repeat five times.

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. The best way to burn calories is by exercising. If you have ever ended up sweaty and winded after play, you’ve probably just spent a substantial amount of calories. In fact, just a half-hour of vigorous play can burn from 150–350 calories. This is the same as taking a fast walk, lifting weights or jogging for the same amount of time.

Foreplay through kissing can burn quite a bit of calories. A 150-pound person can burn up to 18 calories every 15 minutes by kissing. So, just an extra 30 minutes of kissing before getting to the deed can burn an extra 36 calories.

According to recent studies, play may not make you lose weight because of calories lost, but it may boost your self esteem enough to help you lose weight. A boost in self esteem raises serotonin levels in your brain. This is the hormone that helps you stop eating when you are full. The more of the hormone you have, the less likely you are to overeat. website

Experiment with different positions. If you do happen to be working on your upper arms, then try a position that has you supporting yourself in a way that puts strain in that area. If you are looking to tone your butt, try a more adventurous standing position. If you are trying to tone your tummy, work with positions such as being the rear partner low doggy style. The idea here is to feel the burn and the pleasure at the same time. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different, unique positions.

This is not a technique that is meant to blast pounds in a few weeks or even months to a year. This is to help you tone and improve what you already have  and perhaps to inspire some new and interesting love making between partners. If you are very overweight or obese then this method may not work for you. You may need to apply some other regimen that is harsher in nature in order to get rid of the weight.
Figure out where you have the most work to do. It could be your thighs or upper arms or tummy. Figuring out where exactly you need to target your efforts is the first thing to making sensual-driven weight loss work for you.

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